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How the right lodge can add value to your holiday park

Posted by Brian Drury on 06-Jul-2017 12:35:48

How the right lodge can add value to your holiday park

Holiday park owners who are on the look out for ways to improve their offering may find that they are faced with lots of choice these days. When it comes to holiday lodges though, it’s absolutely worth shopping around so you can be sure to make the right selection to benefit your holiday park. If you weren’t entirely clear on why this is the case, you will be after reading this article.


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Quality lodge, quality park

Timber-framed park homes built to BS3632 (the British standard for the manufacture of residential park homes) are the minimum you should be looking for to ensure you have a property that is suitable for habitation for 12 months of the year. As the lodges are built to BS3632, it means they are energy efficient, cost less to run and, importantly, comfortable to live in which is what you aim for in a good quality park.


Built to endure

A lodge constructed to high standards using quality materials is one built to last. When maintained correctly, a good lodge should last a lifetime. If you can guarantee to your paying customers that the lodge is structurally sound and safe it will give them the assurance they need when they are paying a substantial sum to rent the lodge, meaning you will fill the spaces more easily.


High-spec demands

Opting for new high-spec lodges for your park means that those looking to rent a lodge for a holiday will be more inclined to select one on your site. Typically, those choosing to stay in a holiday lodge will seek out somewhere that affords them a little luxury so what’s on the inside counts for more than ever when you are trying to attract people to your park. This covers all from the kitchen appliances to the entertainment systems in the lounge, and everything in between.

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Higher charges

From this point of view, you will also be at liberty to charge more to let your lodges per week which inevitably means you will earn more from investing in high-spec properties. The premium prices you set for park homes on site will also mean you will pull in a more affluent clientele, if that’s one of the directions you’d like to take your park in.


The look

Just as it’s important to have a high-quality of mod cons inside the lodge to make it presentable, the exterior is significant when considering the ensemble of your park. When you’ve put a lot of thought into how to make your park presentable for holiday makers, you shouldn’t spoil the overall look with lodges that don’t look up to scratch. A spruced up lodge can make a difference to an already smart park so remember to keep the overall picture in mind.


When the quality of your lodge is central to customer choice, it’s not a decision to take lightly. If you need help, our experts can advise you and talk you through some of the options open to you when it comes to shopping the lodge market. For park home owners, we've also written an article with tips on how to market your park.

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