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How the right lodge can add value to your holiday park

Posted by Brian Drury on 06-Jul-2017 12:35:48

How the right lodge can add value to your holiday park

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Five reasons now is the time for farm owners to diversify into tourism

Posted by Brian Drury on 28-Jun-2017 08:41:36

Agritourism (tourism on farms where guests can experience rural life) is becoming big news with more and more farmers adapting their enterprises and diversifying to generate more income. A well-planned and researched project can be a great success when orientated at the right markets and is an attractive business opportunity that allows farmers to diversify farm revenues. If you already have farm diversification ideas in mind, here are five reasons to explain why there is no better time for you to dive in than the present.

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Four top places to plan your lodge holiday in the UK

Posted by Brian Drury on 20-Apr-2017 11:29:45


A stay in a lodge makes the perfect family holiday, getaway for two or rural retreat for anyone who wants to relax in quiet, beautiful surrounds. If you’re about to start organising your lodge holiday, we’ve rounded up four of the best areas in which you’re bound to find your dream lodge holiday park.

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Why you should add a holiday lodge to your landlord investment portfolio

Posted by Brian Drury on 06-Apr-2017 14:15:30


The changing landscape of tax laws in the property market might make some of you question what makes the best landlord investment nowadays. Ordinarily, the buy-to-let route would be the default but now landlords have a whole host of other tax implications to deal with. It also means that, currently, holiday lets offer more advantages to landlords for a wealth of reasons in addition to income incentives.

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Why you should consider opening a holiday park on your farmland

Posted by Brian Drury on 23-Mar-2017 11:03:00


Adding a new business activity to your farmland takes a lot of consideration as you must plan carefully for the decision that will come to shape the future of your livelihood, and security for your business in years to come.


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Five things to ask when buying your dream holiday lodge

Posted by Brian Drury on 16-Mar-2017 13:49:17


Making your holiday lodge purchase is a huge decision and investment and will, no doubt, improve your quality of life. People often say to us, ‘What should I ask when buying a holiday lodge?’ so we’ve compiled these five key questions to start off the decision-making process and help you find your dream lodge.


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How to Market Your Luxury Holiday Lodge Park

Posted by Brian Drury on 08-Feb-2017 13:00:00

Farmers and rural landowners creating a luxury holiday lodge park really need to think about sales and marketing. Whilst we strongly recommend that you invest in improvements to the physical site and focus on the finer details that will delight visitors, it’s just as important to deliver a strong brand, open communications, and multiple channels for engagement. In this post, we look at ways of marketing your new tourism hotspot.

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Turn Your Spare Land into a New Income Stream

Posted by Brian Drury on 31-Jan-2017 16:23:26

Land is a valuable asset, but it’s only as lucrative as you make it. Whilst owning large amounts of rural terrain is great for your capital portfolio, are you really profiting from it? In this post, we explain how the best application for your land is also the most Lodgikol.

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A Post-Brexit Boom for Welsh Tourism?

Posted by Brian Drury on 08-Dec-2016 10:25:00

Not so long ago we looked at the positive effect that Brexit and the plummeting pound is having on tourism in Britain in general, and Yorkshire in particular. Put simply, whatever your take on Brexit itself, it’s good news for lodge owners in Yorkshire. But this isn’t the end of the story. Over on the other side of the UK, Lodgikol’s Cardigan Bay site offers investors another chance to buy into the tourism and hospitality explosion.

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Holiday Lodge investments - One Solution for Many Scenarios

Posted by Brian Drury on 02-Dec-2016 15:35:27

Lodgikol provides real estate investment solutions to all different people in a variety of situations. These range from first-time landlords needing advice, to well-established property owners looking to diversify their portfolio and maybe offset a heavy tax burden. In this post we look at some of the most common reasons to invest, and why Lodgikol is the best solution.

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